reactive arthritis

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reactive arthritis

sterile, usually transient polyarthropathy following various infectious diseases.
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reactive arthritis

A form of arthritis occurring as a result of bacterial infection, often combined with conjunctivitis and urethritis.
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reactive arthritis

Reiter syndrome, see there.
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reactive arthritis

A disorder affecting mainly young men and featuring a non-gonococcal discharge from the penis, ARTHRITIS, CONJUNCTIVITIS and sometimes UVEITIS or a skin rash. The condition is thought to be an abnormal response to infection and is almost confined to people of the tissue type HLA B-27. There is no specific remedy and recurrences after the first attack are common. Formerly known as Reiter's syndrome.
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Reactive arthritis

Another name for Reiter's syndrome.
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Patient discussion about reactive arthritis

Q. Does anyone have experience treating reactive arthritis? symtoms: bladder incontence, sore joint, eye irritation, cracked fingers and lips

A. The management of reactive arthritis usually starts with pain killers and injection of steroids into the joints, and if necessary, stronger medications. Due to the severity of this condition, consulting a doctor may be wise.

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If monocytogenes abortions, pregnant, get (mild illness) stillbirths medical help immediately Listeria Meningitis, sepsis Get medical help monocytogenes (blood infection) (severe invasive disease) Noroviruses Stay hydrated Reactive arthritis, Stay hydrated.
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