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1. To render active again.
2. In particular, of an inactivated immune serum to which normal serum (complement) is added.
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To render active once again; in particular, of an activated immune serum to which normal serum (complement) is added.
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Q. Does anyone have experience treating reactive arthritis? symtoms: bladder incontence, sore joint, eye irritation, cracked fingers and lips

A. The management of reactive arthritis usually starts with pain killers and injection of steroids into the joints, and if necessary, stronger medications. Due to the severity of this condition, consulting a doctor may be wise.

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Now Imran Khan led PTI government has decided to reactivate these hospitals and soon these hospitals would be run on public private partnership.
We are planning parties in Scotland, Eire, Northern Ireland, Birmingham and London - we have a Reactivate Xmas party at Club 65 on Friday, December 11, with Blu Peter, Rachel Auburn, Daz Saund & Trevor Rockcliffe and The Sharp Boys.
Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of his meeting with Tunisian Minister of Tourism Selma Elloumi Rekik, in the presence of Deputy Minister for Crafts Aicha Tobago, he said the two parties "have decided to reactivate the Joint Committee between the two countries."
KHARTOUM - Sudan and South Sudan agreed on Wednesday to reactivate a joint monitoring force along their contested border, a source said, as the southern government fights a rebellion.The decision came during a meeting between South Sudan's defence minister Kuol Manyang Juuk and his Sudanese counterpart Abdelrahim Mohammed Hussein.Juuk arrived in Khartoum on Tuesday for an official visit and was to present President Omar al-Bashir a letter from the South's leader Salva Kiir.
The amended regulation enables customers to reactivate their mobile connections by paying a 'reasonable amount' to their respective operator.
21 gubernatorial race, whose outcome may affect the decision on whether to reactivate reactors at the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa power plant in the prefecture.
Blind mice can see again, thanks to a recently discovered chemical that can reactivate light-sensing cells in their eyes.
Noda, Putin agree to reactivate talks to resolve territorial row
This allowed scientists to reactivate those cells later using light.
Monti is taking "various ministers" with him "to reactivate the friendship treaty with broad scope, to restore, intensify and update cooperation," Terzi, who recently also said that Italy would move "swiftly" to implement a range of provisions in the treaty, sealed three years ago but suspended during the conflict that ousted Gaddafi from power.
Summary: In a step of just distribution of limited resources of the Network among our customers and to raise the quality of the LTT services, the company will start from 21/12/2011 to reactivate the monthly allowance of our service, and the first month will be free.
Al Zahar also said that there are obstacles facing the Palestinian reconciliation deal, as Fatah refuses to reactivate the parliament while Hamas insists on reactivating it.