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re·ac·tance (X),

The weakening of an alternating electric current by passage through a coil of wire or a condenser.
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(X) (rē-ak'tăns)
1. The weakening of an alternating electric current by passage through a coil of wire or a condenser.
2. In psychology, emotional response to pressure in which someone acts against rules and regulations that restrict particular behaviors.
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In accordance with reactance theory (Brehm, 1966), this view is supported as the organization is creating and continuing the controlled work situation through higher levels of centralization and formalization, as well as limiting employees' autonomy and freedom and causing a negative "reactance." Following this notion, these deviant acts are likely to be directed toward the authoritative source or the organization rather than individuals (Berry et al., 2007; Hershcovis et al., 2007; Mitchell and Ambrose, 2007; Robinson and Bennett, 1997; Thau et al., 2009).
Some studies did not show abnormal resistance and reactance in asthmatic children [2, 11-13].
Reactance is a psychological state elicited by perceived threats to an individual's personal freedom (Brehm & Brehm, 1981).
* The damping torque provided by the proposed design depends on the system loading conditions and line reactance.
My findings in the study support the idea that the reactance and reinforcement theories are valid in explaining voters' information processing and the political decision-making process.
Figure 10 shows that the power transmission efficiency and the output power of the original WPT system decrease dramatically when the load reactance deviates from [X.sub.L] = 0 [OMEGA].
The repeatability of reactance by IOS was comparable to that of FEV1 by spirometry and better than that of resistance by IOS.
Moreover, because the VFD frequency only affects the reactance, the normalized motor load and motor efficiency depend significantly on the motor slip and insignificantly on the VFD frequency.
We assume that it satisfies the [r.sub.c] = const condition and the mass reactance is distributed over this surface evenly with a surface density [[rho].sub.l][r.sub.c].
Health locus of control, psychological reactance and patients' subjective responses and attitudes towards their psychiatric drug treatment were introduced in the analyses.
We also ruled out the existence of a negative psychological reactance response to a disclosure statement that would work to the detriment of financially literate participants.