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Abbreviation for:
Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health
Regional Education About Choices in Health
Rehabilitation Among women with Coronary Heart Disease
Research on Endothelin Antagonism in Chronic Heart Failure
Resource utilisation in Congestive Heart Failure
Resources for Enhancing Alzheimer’s Caregiver Health
Retired Executives Action Clearing House


Cardiology A clinical trial–Research on Endothelin Antagonism in Chronic Heart Failure


To stretch out or put forth; to grasp or attain by extending or advancing.
[O.E. raecan]

Patient discussion about REACH

Q. If the bird flu were to reach North America, how many people would it kill? How do you protect yourself & others? What can we do to protect ourselves against the Avian Flu which has officially begun to infect humans? How many will die?

A. It infected few people working with chickens, it can
T move around, so I wouldn’t worry too much. the chances of that happening is the same as a meteor hitting earth and destroying it, same as a nuclear war in the middle east that will wipe out half of humanity, same as all big disasters that can happen.
Unless it’s your job to worry about it (world health organization) – just try to live peaceful life.

Q. what cause the diabetic condition? how does one reach to be diabetic? and how do you take care for your health ?

A. there are 2 types of Diabetes. type 1- an autoimmune disease, that attacks the beta cells in the pancreas. the other is immunization precess that your body develops when there is too much fat tissue in your body and the insulin is not enough.

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However, most of the aforementioned works on the reachable set bounding have been mainly focused on linear time-delay systems with constant matrices or a combination of constant matrices (polytopic uncertainties).
Inspired by this, the paper will apply such a method to the reachable set estimation for nonlinear time-varying systems with disturbances.
(6) Density reachable: a point q is reachable from q if there is a chain [p.sub.1] ...
Linear Regression backward method was used to analyze the relationship between the dependent variable being the overall satisfaction with Lebanon as a tourist destination and independent variables that are safety & efficiency, ease of use, cleanliness, price value, reachable attraction and difficulty to reach.
Based on the design size and the structural constraints, the reachable workspace of the 2-UPS+UP PLM is solved.
While the study only found an association, it adds to the accumulating evidence about exercise lowering breast cancer risk, and leisurely walking also presents a goal that is reachable for most women.
One of the reasons for the rising number of flights is the increased number of destinations reachable with cheap airlines at fares cut by as much as 50 percent.
A final agreement is not reachable before July, according to Indian officials.
MSE recently acquired the assets of Reachable Solutions, which was originated by Mike Yacks in 2008.
Reachable, Inc.'s business model is based on the old saying, "It's not what you know; it's who you know." Sales representatives know firsthand that making a positive connection with a potential client is often the difference between making a sale and going home empty-handed.
A point x is said to be directly density reachable from a point y (with respect to eps and Nmin) if
From a similar concept but a different perspective, Reachable ( aggregates all of the social media contacts of a business' employees to leverage the exponentially larger list of "warm" prospects for marketing, recruiting and sales.