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Pierre F., French physician, 1793-1867. See: Rayer disease.
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Il est opportun de rappeler ici que l'Organisation mondiale de la sante (O.M.S) attribue a l'exposition excessive aux rayons UVA et UVB, des brulures, une fragilisation du tissu cutane et, a long terme, un vieillissement premature de la peau, et surtout le cancer de la peau.
The skipper blasted wide from 12 yards much to the chagrin of the Azam technical bench.Chilunda then netted his second three minutes after the half hour mark capitalising on Rayons defensive lapse to bury home from the edge of the box.
"Ce vol a tres bien reussi en raison de sa duree, qui nous a permis d'identifier un grand nombre de rayons cosmiques", s'est felicite le principal chercheur de ce programme, Bob Binns, cite dans le communique.
19 July 2011 -- Indian credit rating agency CARE said Monday it attached a BB rating to the INR366.3m (USD8.2m/EUR5.8m) long-term bank facilities of local textile firm Suvidhi Rayons Private Ltd.
Most everyone is familiar with rayon. Fewer people are familiar with modal and lyocell.
Microfiber fabrics include acrylic, nylon, Lycra, rayon, and viscose, which Armstrong says is the same as rayon.
Frey says rayon production in the United States resulted in a number of Superfund sites.
Prospects of development of gold mining factors in Chon Alay rayon, silver extraction in Kara-Suu and Nookat rayons, copper in Kara-Kulja rayon were reviewed at the meeting.Vice Governor Zikirov reminded Chinese investors about construction of the international trade center Sary-Tash.
The fallen snow reached 5-7 cm in the lowland areas of Naryn and At-Bashi rayons in the result of the mix of heavy rain and wet snow in the night of September 18 and 19, reported the Ministry of Transport and Communications.The fallen snow reached 1-1.2 meters in Ak-Sai valley.
The mudflows that hit Suzak, Bazar-Korgon rayons and Jalal-Abad town on June 3-4 caused enormous damage for the oblast amounting to 351 million som, according to the preliminary information.Of that amount the damage for agriculture reaches 47.1 million som, damage for Jalal-Abad town reaches 18 million som, damage for Bazar-Korgon rayon amounted to 23.5 million, damage for Suzak rayon amounted to 262.4 million som.186 houses were affected by floods, 19 of them are in state of emergency.
The overall damage caused by mudslides is 102.523 million som, reported the Ministry of Emergency Situations.The biggest damage was caused for Aravan rayon - 47.749 million som, followed by Nookat rayon (26.838 million som), Uzghen rayon (19.567 million som), Karasuu and Alay rayons (7.769 million som and 600 thousand som respectively).
Minister of Transport and Communications Nurlan Sulaimanov made a working trip pf Alay and Chon-Alay rayons and inspected progress of rehabilitation of Sarytash-Karamyk and Osh-Sarytash-Irkeshtam roads, reported the press service of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Kyrgyz Republic.The Transport Minister joined on this tour by a working group reached the border with Tajikistan to check how Sarytash-Karamyk border connects with Tajik part of the road.The inspection revealed that all work is carried out in accordance with the timeline at all sections of the road.