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Parkin, the rawboned 22-yearold, was described by Ryder Cupwinning captain Montgomerie as the best amateur player he had ever seen
This team was more efficient, organised and resilient rather than flairfilled, though in the strike force of Wyn Davies and Pop Robson and the rawboned drive of skipper Bob Moncur they boasted three mighty warriors.
To counter Odell's rawboned American quad, we sampled this classic imported Quad, from De Koningshoeven, the only Trappist monastery in the Netherlands.
A rawboned skinny boy with a big scab on his nose and sparkling blue eyes.
When Mark Rawboned, Formby Hall's previous Director of Golf, invited him to become manager of the professional's shop he was glad to have the chance of moving to Formby Hall.
"Two rawboned, lean-bodied young men, one of them twenty-one, the other a year or two older." They provided Louis with a horse and invited him to join them for supper.
"Amenable Delora palled on awed Edin's red, rawboned, unsung, reknarred lode-looters ere vernal lad Allan Revere's renaered new Eros-derider, snide red Nels, 'Not a fetor!' wailed?
"Her rich contralto, with both range and depth, is unwavering throughout this sometimes rawboned story."