ratio scale

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ra·ti·o scale

a scale that involves physical units and demonstrates their relations.
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Glass and air materials were selected as main elements of glazing, and its thickness, that is, ratio scale variable, is marked in Table 3.
Yuen [7, 20-22] pointed out that the paired ratio scale inappropriately represents the human perception or cognition of paired difference and potentially producing misapplications.
Quantitative evaluation targets could be described by fuzzy membership degree or by the ratio scale in the range of 0-1; while qualitative evaluation targets should undergo uniform scale processing.
These data are often derived from the ratio scale by a scale reduction and are represented on the interval scale.
One worth noting result of the approach is the level at which expected values could be measured, on a ratio scale with common unit and common zero across losses and gains.
If an attribute was either in the interval or the ratio scale, it was scored based on Equation (1) only when the score of attribute similarity was more than that of MCAS.
Ratio scale and the use of verbal comparisons are used for weighting of quantifiable and non-quantifiable elements (Pohekar & Ramachandran, 2004, 369).
Chang (1996) introduced a new approach for handling fuzzy AHP, with the use of triangular fuzzy numbers for pairwise comparison ratio scale of fuzzy AHP and the use of the extent analysis method for the synthetic extent values of the pairwise comparisons.
The parametres of the equation are set so that we could have on the eleven-step degree scale (zero to ten) the ratio scale of depiction from 0.1 m to 20 km.
To do this, Sparks selects bar graphs but, since we measure time on a ratio scale, a time series (broken line graph, as in fig.
It needs to be highlighted that the motivation ratio scale developed in this study represents a very useful starting point for an examination of the extrinsic-intrinsic continuum.