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ratification (rat´ifikā´shən),

n confirmation of a previous act.
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Leadership of the Communications Workers of America has notified AT&T (NYSE: T) that CWA-represented wireline employees in the company's Southwest Region (CWA District 6) have voted to ratify a four-year contract, the company said.
The Philippines has signed the treaty in 2013 but has yet to ratify it.
The environment ministers will seek consensus at their September 30 meeting in Bratislava on fast-tracking EU-level approval of the deal without waiting for each member state to first ratify it, EU officials said.
There have been calls for countries to ratify the deal as soon as possible, so it can be adopted earlier than the planned 2020 start date.
General Assembly in 1996 but has not been enforced because eight countries, which already had nuclear reactors at the time, did not ratify it.
Speaking at Tel Aviv University's Institute for National Security Studies, Merav Zafary-Odiz, Israel's ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Association , said that Israel was willing in theory to ratify the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.
al-Asadi called in a press release on republic presidency and parliament to "authorize the First Deputy President of the Republic Nuri al-Maliki to ratify the provisions for culling of more than 7,000 terrorist because of President Fuad Masum's failure to ratify the decisions of executions.
Poland is the 13th EU country to ratify the agreement.
These figures compared well with the 2012 situation, when seven did not ratify and 28 did not respond, PHC industrial adviser Chris Wilson said.
Meanwhile, in Illinois, battle lines are being drawn for a likely vote this fall in the state House of Representatives on whether to ratify the ERA.
November 24, 2013 (JUBA) - South Sudan lawmakers have passed the bill to ratify the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) which, if signed, will make it the latest nation to ratify the law and two other optional protocols.
The Georgia-based Armenians have appeared with demand that the Georgian authorities ratify the European Charter