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rasas (räˑ·sz),

n.pl in Ayurveda, the six tastes: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent, and astringent. These tastes are intimately bound up with doshas, so that individuals crave the tastes they need to restore balance in the doshas. See also doshas.
RasaPredominant mahabhutas
SweetPrithivi and
SourPrithivi and
SaltyJala and
PungentVayu and
BitterVayu and
AstringentVayu and
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Building on this definition and through comparison of selected rasas in Hindu and Christian traditions, Roberts challenges the otherworldliness that often haunts theological discourses on emotions.
Independent agency RASAS has bagged the regional crea- tive account for Applebee's, the world's largest casual dining chain, after a competitive pitch.
Beginning with Bharata's Natyasastra dramaturgists posited the existence of (at least) eight major rasas corresponding to eight sthayibhavas or stable emotional states, which became classified as either "pleasant" or "unpleasant" (Kulkarni 1995: 281; Nagendra 1970a: 118).
AoUm Rasas is a masterpiece of human creativity given the artistic and technical qualities of the mosaic floor of its churches,Ao with these words JordanAAEs representative to the World Heritage Committee Moawiyah Ibrahim described this magnificent historic site, which was listed on the UNESCO World Heritage in 2004.
All in all, it is a remarkable cinematic tour de force that expresses most major rasas of Indian aesthetic theory with spellbinding effect.
Thus, in Girish Karnad's "Flowers", there is a combination of rasas like Karuna (pathos, compassion), and its related "bhavas", "shoka" and "santapa"--grief and remorse.
Keeping this in mind, I proceed to make a detailed analysis of the entire play taking the theory of rasa with all its intricacies into account, in order to study the development of the individual rasas.
The chief rasa--rage, compassion, heroism, loathing, mirth, terror, and awe--are susceptible to infinite combinations but are especially effective when linked with the most important rasas of all: santa (peace), "the basic nature common to all the rasas" (521), and srngara (love), which is "the soul of suggestive poetry" (270), "the sweetest and most delightful" of the rasas (251).
Independent agency Rasas has been appointed by global toy manufacturer Mattel to handle the company's Arabic-related development and consultancy.
The accompanying photographs of dancers expressing the eight rasas (two sets) are alone worth the price of the book.
The sight of a train in Pather Panchalt and the rattling of the train at midnight in Kapurus are equally important for generating the desired rasas.
Independent agency RASAS has won the ad account for Pizza Hut across the GCC.