rapture of the deep

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ni·tro·gen nar·co·sis

1. narcosis produced by nitrogenous materials such as occurs in certain forms of uremia and hepatic coma;
2. stuporous condition characterized by disorientation and by loss of judgment and skill, attributed to an increased partial pressure of nitrogen in the inspired air of deep-sea divers during underwater operations. Commonly referred to as "rapture of the deep." Synonym(s): rapture of the deep
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rap·ture of the deep

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Commonly called Rapture of the Deep. A neurologic response to increased nitrogen gas dissolved in blood, resulting in euphoria, apathy, loss of judgement; Nitrogen narcosis occurs in scuba divers, and is most common at depths below 20 m
Prevention Use helium-oxygen gas
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With no air, there can be no exchange of gas (especially nitrogen) between lungs and blood, and thus elephant seals avoid the blood-chemistry imbalances such as the bends (nitrogen bubbles) or rapture of the deep (nitrogen poisoning) that plague human divers.
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