rapid decompression

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rap·id de·com·pres·sion

sudden severe expansion of gases due to a reduction in ambient pressure.
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Time of Useful Consciousness Altitude Exposure Time FL430 9-12 seconds FL400 15-20 seconds FL350 30-60 seconds FL300 1-2 minutes FL280 2.5-3 minutes FL250 3-5 minutes FL210 8-10 minutes FL180 20-30 minutes A rapid decompression can decrease TUC by a 1/3 to 1/2
Pacific halibut lack a swim bladder and do not suffer apparent injuries associated with rapid decompression. Pacific halibut are, however, often kept on deck of for 30-60 min during sorting operations on commercial trawl vessels before being discarded (Davis and Olla, 2001).
In silicic melts where decompression is the saturation mechanism, homogeneous bubble nucleation requires rapid decompression, i.e., greater than 90-150 MPa, which leads to extreme water supersaturation and disequilibrium degassing (Mangan et al., 2004).
The recognition that rapid decompression at high altitude is likely to be fatal to unprotected aircrew has led to the development of a system designed to provide "get-me-down" capability.
007's altitude at the time], crew members and passengers would have about one minute of expected useful consciousness unless they successfully began receiving oxygen from an oxygen mask (in the event of a rapid decompression this time gets cut to about thirty seconds, since most of the air in the lungs get sucked out during the decompression).
"Not only is it unclear whether the rapid decompression occurred in Florida, but even if the court assumes as much, Florida's 'sole contact with this litigation is the happenstance that the accident occurred there.' Air Crash Disaster, 399 F.
In an airworthiness directive, it said the extra checks were needed "to detect and correct cracking and corrosion in the fuselage skin, which could lead to rapid decompression and loss of structural integrity of the airplane." The directive, first drawn up in September, was approved in February and was due to take effect on April 9.
We had a complete cabin-pressurization failure, which resulted in a rapid decompression. All four of us read-justed our oxygen masks and decided to expeditiously tank as we had only 9,000 pounds of gas.
That time may be cut in half in the event the cabin is pressurized and there is a rapid decompression, as the table on the preceding page reflects.
Last month an explosion on a Qantas Boeing 747 en route from London to Australia blew a hole in the fuselage and caused rapid decompression in the passenger cabin.
The training - available under an agreement with Arizona State University East - enables crew members to experience altitude sickness conditions such as hypoxia and rapid decompression, preparing them for actual emergency situations.
The Federal Aviation Administration last week ordered additional, repeated inspections of certain Boeing 777s, warning that corrosion and cracking could lead to rapid decompression and damage to the structure of the aircraft.

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