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WHILE SATISFYING to grow, edibles don't always deliver on the decorative front (think rangy tomatoes, dry squash vines).
There's vicious humour in the bone-dry exchanges between smooth Toby Stephens, as Elyot, and Anna Chancellor, who exudes rangy elegance as fiery Amanda.
While the Celebrity Game during NBA All-Star Weekend isn't exactly the proving ground for all-time greats, it was still impressive to see the rangy Bolt get out and run the floor, the paper said.
Just six minutes later Merthyr had turned the game on its head as Aaron Cornwall again fed Prosser but this time the rangy striker completed the task of beating Warren himself from eight yards.
Lincoln's first singles player was tall and rangy, a good athlete with considerable power.
This rangy, 6-foot-4, 205-pound senior was an All-American, a Mid-Wach A All-Star on defense, and team captain for coach Matt Nofsinger's Rangers, who finished 9-10 after losing in the first round of the Central Mass.
A rangy exhibition design will alternate isolated projects with open areas showcasing multiple videos, and a catalogue will feature Lisa Melandri's interview with the artist.
The well-worn notion that little people can have big stories to tell draws new breath in the accessible but uncompromising "Small Lives," a rangy, intimate drama about an array of society's victims living in a trailer park.
Love is a rusting fire escape and the city is rangy.
Flood Plain Rangy sort trained by John Gosden who looks built for longer.
The rangy striker got stuck right into the task and Alex McLeish said the rookie could be pleased with his contribution.
Unfortunately not much new information has entered the market since we last spoke; as a result these volatile but rangy market conditions prevail.