random selection

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random selection

a method of choosing subjects for a research study in which all members of a particular group have an equal chance of being selected.


unplanned, without direction or purpose.

random assignment
random mating
where each member of the population has an equal opportunity of mating with every member of the opposite sex.
random numbers
a list of numbers obtained by a standard randomization procedure; used commonly to select individual animals from a pack.
random sample
see random sample.
random sampling
a procedure for selecting units from a group in such a way that each unit has an equal chance of being selected in the sample.
random selection
selection in such a way as to produce a random sample.
random variable
a group or quantity that takes various values, each with varying probabilities.
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But he added that in Perry's case, he would have switched gears and used random selection, because it is a way to eliminate the appearance of any bias.
But he sees random selection as being useful in limited situations - such as in deliberative polling, prior to a referendum.
It could be assumed that this simple algorithm based on random selection and a relatively small number of repetitions could be a good way of solving practical tasks with a small number of machines and tasks.
He was tested in May 1995 in a random selection for drugs and alcohol, and tested negative for both.
The sampling approach undoubtedly reflects the author's irritation that social scientists are trained to believe that random selection improves the representativeness of samples (59).
Berlex notified neurologists on August 23 that random selection would be used to assign positions to patients registered before September 15, 1993.
Respondents with more than one child in the study's age range are asked to answer the survey as it relates to only one child, via random selection.
Under the new Health Services Executive scheme, a random selection of patients will be paid E20 to attend an additional examination of the work they have had carried out.
That is the random selection of MPs and local councillors by lot in much the same way that juries are picked.
But after much turning off and on, it seems that the opening page features a random selection of big close-up mug shots of women and men from the office (or not).
THE county council has commissioned Mori to conduct a survey of residents, interviewing a random selection of 1,000 people across the county this month, to find out whether the public is satisfied with the way the council is running the county, the standard of customer service provided by the council and how effectively it communicates with its customers.
The additional coverage will be achieved with the help of the DVLA, who will send out the questionnaires to a random selection of consumers, instead of just Top Gear viewers and Top Gear magazine readers.