random mechanism

ran·dom mech·a·nism

a scheme for substrate binding and product release for a multisubstrate enzyme; for a two-substrate two-product enzyme with this mechanism, either substrate can bind first and, after the reaction has taken place, either product can be the first to dissociate from the enzyme. Brain hexokinase has a random mechanism. More complex random mechanisms exist for enzymes having more than two substrates.
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Furthermore, Random mechanism, in each iteration, it selects a group of features like subset and evaluates it with evaluation measures.
ANN is used with other techniques like GA and K-means, for that, the most algorithms of ANN use random mechanism with wrapper and hybrid approaches.
Almost research of FL and RS are associated under the wrapper approach and random mechanism of selection.
Judgment sampling includes any sampling approach where the selection of items into the sample is not controlled by a random mechanism like computer generated random numbers.
"It's a rapid and random mechanism of environmental adaptation."
Analysis of distributions of amino acids, amino acid pairs and triplets in human insulin precursor and four variants from their occurrences according to the random mechanism. J Biochem Mol Biol Biophys 2001; 5:293-300.
Analysis of distributions of amino acids and amino acid pairs in human tumor necrosis factor precursor and its eight variants according to random mechanism. J Mol Model 2001; 7:318-323.
While using the opening book to navigate the early stages of a chess game in which one of the included positions arises, the computer selects one of the recommended moves by way of some possibly random mechanism, then plays without further computation.
The assumption that Irwin is hinting at is that the public knows the true random mechanism determining an inflationary government's actions.
It says nothing more than the private sector knows the true random mechanism determining the behaviour of an I-type government.(1) Finally, knowledge of all past rates of inflation [[Pi].sub.t-1], ..., [[Pi].sub.0], is included in the information set [[Phi].sub.t].
Host probing and rejection is only predicted if (a) variation in host quality exists, and if wasps are egg-limited to a degree that makes choosiness adaptive, or (b) "apparent" rejection occurs when wasps probe but are unable to complete oviposition because they fail to contact the host, contact host tissue unsuitable for oviposition, or some other random mechanism. Although Cronin and Strong (1993a, b) observed that the wasps are apparently unable to detect previous parasitisms, it is possible that wasps can detect variation in host quality in spite of their inability to detect previous parasitisms.
This, of course, has reference to the random mechanisms put in place from time to time to regulate the industry in such a manner as to meet the expectations of the policyholders effectively, particularly with regard to settlement of claims and disputes.