random error

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random error

The patternless differences observed between successive analytical results or statistical trials. Even though the individual results are patternless and unpredictable, the range of random error can be predicted with a given probability once sufficient experience has been gained. The random error is then quantified by the standard deviation, the coefficient of variation, and other statistics. See: measurement error; systematic error
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the wrong answer in an experiment or result to a questionnaire.

experimental error
of two types, errors of objectivity when the experimenter knows the groups and the expected result, and errors of detection or measurement due to inadequate technique or the uneven application of measuring techniques.
random error
error which occurs due to chance, such as sampling error.
sampling error
one due to the fact that the result obtained from a sample is only an estimate of that obtained from using the entire population.
systematic error
when the error is applied to all results, i.e. those due to bias.
error types I and II
in making a statistical test, you can reject the null hypothesis when it is true (type I) or accept the null hypothesis when it is false (type II).
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Three types of artificially set knot description errors were tested under different pricing and product scenarios, each in different magnitudes as systematic or random error.
j] in equation (8) includes not only the random errors from the unity functions ([e.
Step 5 generates a set of independent, normally distributed random errors [[epsilon].
If data on sales are collected using survey techniques, there is also the possibility of random error attributable to the survey method, just as resting has random error.
Using a sample of four comparables rather than one eliminates half the random error in this case.
McFadden's conclusion fit one common theme: the Demand Side relies too heavily on mathematical assumptions and random error, and too little on actual data about consumers and their preferences.
Random measurement error will take the form of a bell-shaped curve distribution and will represent the probabilities for uncertainty of an estimated central tendency of the random error.
The use of a maximized likelihood function in the Akaike's information criterion (AIC) is a measure of the relative goodness of fit, with a penalty for over-fitting (describing random error instead of a fundamental relationship).
Studying the structure of the Earth and near-earth space generates massive volumes of data, from which random error and noise can never be eliminated completely, say Troian and Kiselev (both St.
When both the methods are used, with the increase in displacement, due to the effect of external factors, there is an increase in the random error component of measurements of angular errors of linear motion, i.
This difference in timing could cause substantial random error and reduce the strength of the associations reported for adiponectin.
Both random error and bias may result in changes in relative rankings.