superior branch

(redirected from ramus superior)

su·pe·ri·or branch

branch that is directed upward or cranially or is highly placed, usually in contrast to an inferior branch. Terminologia Anatomica lists superior branches (ramus superior/rami superiores) of the following: 1) right and left inferior pulmonary veins (venae pulmonalis dextrae/sinistrae inferioris [TA]); 2) oculomotor nerve (CN III) (nervi oculomotorii [CN III] [TA]); 3) superior gluteal artery (arteriae gluteae superioris [TA]; and 4) transverse cervical nerve (nervi transversalis cervicalis [colli] [TA]).
Synonym(s): ramus superior
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The stem of the stapedial artery enters what will eventually be the cranial cavity and divide into ramus superior and ramus inferior.
Ramus superior runs forward to the orbital region and gives off branches that accompany lacrimal, frontal and nasociliary nerves.
Ramus superior persists into adulthood as the intracranial part of middle meningeal artery.

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