superficial branch

(redirected from ramus superficialis)

su·per·fi·cial branch

branch that passes above or closer to the surface; usually in contrast to a deep branch. Terminologia Anatomica lists superficial branches (rami superficialis) of the following: 1)lateral plantar nerve (nervi plantaris lateralis [TA]); 2) medial circumflex femoral artery (arteriae circumflexae femoris medialis [TA]); 3) medial plantar artery (arteriae plantaris medialis [TA]); 4) radial nerve (nervi radialis [TA]); 5) superior gluteal artery (arteriae gluteae superioris [TA]); and 6) ulnar nerve (nervi ulnaris [TA]).
Synonym(s): ramus superficialis [TA]
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