ramus of mandible

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 [ra´mus] (L.)
ramus commu´nicans (pl. ra´mi communican´tes), a branch connecting two nerves or two arteries.
ramus of mandible a quadrilateral process projecting upwards from the posterior part of either side of the mandible.
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ra·mus of man·di·ble

the upturned perpendicular extremity of the mandible on either side; it gives attachment on its lateral surface to the masseter muscle.
Synonym(s): ramus mandibulae [TA]
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ra·mus of man·di·ble

(rāmŭs mandi-bĕl) [TA]
The vertical projection on either side of the mandible by which it articulates with the temporal bone.
Synonym(s): ramus mandibulae [TA] .
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CT scan took, showed an ill-defined radiolucent lesion extending from the body of mandible to ascending ramus of mandible (Fig.
The present study was undertaken to evaluate and compare the angle, height, and width of the ramus of mandibles derived from cadavers of Indian origin.
On examination a 5 x 4.5 cm, soft, cystic, non-tender, fluctuant, compressible diffuse swelling (fig.1) was seen in the right submandibular region and upper part of neck extending superiorly to ramus of mandible, inferiorly to thyroid notch, medially just crossing the midline and laterally deep to sternocleidomastoid.
X ray showed osteolytic lesion in the left ramus of mandible (Fig 1a).
An ill defined hyperdense bony lesion with few lytic areas within it, arising from buccal surface of right ramus of mandible causing cortical destruction with typical "SUN-BURST" type of periosteal reaction.
CASE REPORT: A 35 year female presented with swelling in the right side of the ramus of mandible measuring 2.5 X 2 cm.

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