ramus communicans

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 [ra´mus] (L.)
ramus commu´nicans (pl. ra´mi communican´tes), a branch connecting two nerves or two arteries.
ramus of mandible a quadrilateral process projecting upwards from the posterior part of either side of the mandible.
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com·mu·ni·cat·ing branch

a bundle of nerve fibers passing from one named nerve to join another.[anat usage note: the term "communicating branch" is used in the nervous system to replace the inadequate "anastomosing branch" used for vascular systems.]
Synonym(s): ramus communicans [TA]
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ramus communicans

(pl. rami communicantes) the slender trunk that carries nerves from the ventral root of the spinal nerve to a ganglion of the sympathetic nervous system (see AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM). see REFLEX ARC.
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