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abbreviation for random-access memory.


male, entire sheep which has attained sexual maturity at about the age of 6 months.

ram effect
introduction of a ram into a flock of non-pregnant ewes in the period between deep anestrus and the commencement of the breeding season tends to advance the onset of estrus and enhances its synchronization.
ram epididymitis
ram mating harness
leather or webbing harness worn around the forequarters and carrying a marking crayon or paint pad on the brisket to mark the rumps of ewes that have been mated.
stud ram
pedigree ram used to mate with purebred ewes.
teaser ram
vasectomized ram. See also teaser.
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The drum carrying the wire rope is now revolved and the rammer is drawn forward, pushing the charge before it into the gun.
He believes that the strength of the Rammer pedestal boom system lies in its in-built reliability and in the breaking power of the moil point equipped E64 hammer.
The two organizations have a history of collaborating together," stated Rammer.
All had 7 1/2" barrels, 1 7/16" cylinders holding 50 grains of black powder and a latch to secure the rammer to the barrel.
Mix the concrete, shovel a layer into the formwork and compact it with the rammer, then tap each of the formwork's sides with a hammer.
Developers Rammer and Szpuszta show their peers how to use .
The XH670, XH730 and XH840 Stompers expand the midrange of Stone's rammer line, offering a 132, 140 and 145 lb.
As one of the backbone pieces of equipment in any foundry sand testing laboratory, the sand rammer must operate properly to ensure quality molding sand.
Rammer has expanded its line of pedestal boom breaker systems to include the XM series, designed specifically for mining applications.
One of the first Rammer XM booms to be put into use is at Hudson Bay Mining & Smelting's (HBMS) Ruttan copper/zinc mine in Manitoba, Canada.
PIM also integrates electric elevation and traverse drives, electric rammer and a digital fire control system.
6 Kgs confirming to ISI 274 PTI 1981 with 685 mm long type Handle as per IS 2897 / 83 Qty 200 nos 2) Rammer Earth Weight of 5 Kgs Qty 12 nos 3) Stone Breaking Hammer 2 Kg Qty 20 nos 4) Jerri cane Plastic 20 Ltrs Cap Qty 30 nos 5) Starting Aid Capsule Qty 100 nos