ureteric branches

(redirected from rami ureterici)

u·re·ter·ic branch·es

arterial branches distributed to the ureter. Terminologia Anatomica lists ureteric branches (rami ureterici) of the following: 1) renal artery (arteriae renalis [TA]); 2) ovarian artery (arteriae ovaricae [TA]); 3) testicular artery (arteriae testicularis [TA]); and 4) patent part of umbilical artery (partis patentis arteriae umbilicalis [TA]). Although not listed in Terminologia Anatomica, ureteric branches also rise regularly from the abdominal aorta, common iliac artery, and internal iliac artery. Ureteric branches from the inferior vesical artery are constant in occurrence and supply the terminal portion of the ureter.
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