pharyngeal branches

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pha·ryn·ge·al branch·es

branches to the pharynx. Terminologia Anatomica lists pharyngeal branches of the following: 1) artery of the pterygoid canal (ramus pharyngeus arteriae canalis pterygoidei [TA]); 2) ascending pharyngeal artery (rami pharyngeales arteriae pharyngeae ascendentis [TA]); 3) descending palatine artery (ramus pharyngeus arteriae palatinae descendentis [TA]); 4) glossopharyngeal nerve (CN IX) (ramus pharyngei nervi glossopharyngei [TA]); 5) inferior thyroid laryngeal nerve (rami pharyngeales arteriae thyroideae inferioris [TA]); 6) recurrent laryngeal nerve (rami pharyngei nervi laryngei recurrentis [TA]); and 7) vagus nerve (CN X) (rami pharyngei nervi vagi [TA]).
Synonym(s): rami pharyngei [TA], rami pharyngeales ☆ , pharyngei
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