muscular branches

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mus·cu·lar branch·es

branches of nerves or vessels that supply muscles. Most remain unnamed. Terminologia Anatomica lists muscular branches of: 1) accessory nerve (rami musculares nervi accessorii [TA]); 2) anterior branch of obturator nerve (rami musculares rami anterioris nervi obturatorii [TA]); 3) anterior interosseous nerve (rami musculares nervi interossei antebrachii anterior [TA]); 4) axillary nerve (rami musculares nervi axillaris [TA]); 5) deep fibular nerve (rami musculares nervi fibularis profundi [TA]); 6) femoral nerve (rami musculares nervi femoralis [TA]); 7) intercostal nerves (rami musculares nervorum intercostalium [TA]); 8) median nerve (rami muscularis nervi mediani [TA]); 9) musculocutaneous nerve (rami musculares nervi musculocutanei [TA]); 10) perineal nerves (rami musculares nervorum perinealium [TA]); 11) posterior branch of obturator nerve (rami musculares rami posterioris nervi obturatorii [TA]); 12) radial nerve (rami musculares nervi radialis [TA]); 13) spinal nerve (rami musculares nervorum spinalium [TA]); 14) superficial fibular nerve (rami musculares nervi fibularis superficialis [TA]); 15) supraclavicular part of brachial plexus (rami musculares partis supraclavicularis plexus brachialis [TA]); 16) of tibial nerve (rami musculares nervi tibialis [TA]); 17) ulnar nerve (rami musculares nervi ulnaris [TA]); 18) vertebral artery (rami musculares arteriae vertebralis [TA]).
Synonym(s): rami musculares [TA]
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