Ram's Horn

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A popular term for the most extreme of cutaneous horn, which can simulate the horns of ungulate ruminants and big African game
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Caption: The magnificent ramshorn has a coiled shell in the shape of a ram's horn, often reaching the size and weight of a dollar coin.
A SNUFF mull made from ram's horn and usually mounted in silver.
The unique sound of the ram's horn blown in the synagogue is a physical and spiritual wake up call, reminding us of our obligations and responsibilities.
Rabbi Yitzhak Husbands-Hankin began the dedication by blowing a long note on the shofar, a curling ram's horn typically used to signal the start of worship on the faith's holiest days.
The program notes state that this work should always be performed in a large, acoustically live space to best display some of the more unusual instruments such as the kaval flute, a ram's horn that plays a fanfare announcing the arrival of the Logos or Christ, and Tibetan temple bowls.
Willis Hodges started his own newspaper, the Ram's Horn, in New York in 1847 in response to the New York Sun's stance against black voting rights.
The "Great Shofar Blast Off" is seeking the best rendition of Hebrew notes on the shofar, or ram's horn, which is blown on the Jewish High Holy Days to awaken Jews to new spiritual heights.
For Hewitt the ram's horn is an artefact of the past that can be thrown away into the nettles and forgotten about.
In his monthly newsletter The Ram's Horn he writes, "To my non-legal mind, it appears that the majority opinion expresses a rather abysmal ignorance of biology.
The stern-faced England skipper took the stage and had to interlock arms and drink from a ram's horn.
Access to and use of such plots was guaranteed (as expressed in later Israelite law codes) at least every fifty years, when a ram's horn or jovel trumpet (jubilee trumpet) would be blown, signaling release of all debts, land liens, and indentured labor that may have emerged in the interim years due to differing fortunes and disparate abilities (Lev.
They earlier said some 20,000 activists will surround the Senate building and conduct a ''Jericho March'' in silence except for occasional blowing of a ram's horn.