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abbreviation for random-access memory.


male, entire sheep which has attained sexual maturity at about the age of 6 months.

ram effect
introduction of a ram into a flock of non-pregnant ewes in the period between deep anestrus and the commencement of the breeding season tends to advance the onset of estrus and enhances its synchronization.
ram epididymitis
ram mating harness
leather or webbing harness worn around the forequarters and carrying a marking crayon or paint pad on the brisket to mark the rumps of ewes that have been mated.
stud ram
pedigree ram used to mate with purebred ewes.
teaser ram
vasectomized ram. See also teaser.
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The day will start at San Marcos Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, where Ram truck owners will load needed supplies into their pickups' beds.
Achieving RAM Through Disciplined Systems Engineering Process
In most cases, gravity and ram pressure act simultaneously, so it's next to impossible to determine which is more important in altering a particular galaxy's shape.
Ram is director of operations for ESSI, an agency that provides security and protection for executives and celebrities, as well as training programs, safety and security seminars for non-profit agencies and even escort and anti-theft services for retail stores.
Sure, things settled out to about 350,000 units, but the Ram managed to hang on to about 20% of the market.
I strongly encourage apartment managers to register for New York University's (NYU) RAM Certification course this fall.
I added a little bit more RAM, eventually totaling 764K in a desktop that used an operating system that could not address more than 640K.
The Ram Truck brand today announced that it will add a new, more fuel-efficient model to its half-ton truck lineup and further extend its claim on the industry's highest fuel efficiency rating.
Much as he led the hippie generation into chemical mind expansion and then spiritual realization, Ram Dass now feels it's necessary to guide the graying demographic to an understanding of its looming mortality.
Besides failing at their jobs, high-libido homosexual rams cause havoc in the sheep pens by disrupting other males mating with females.
NAHB also offers Seniors Housing Management Specialist and Senior RAM designations.