rakta (räkˑ·t),

n in Ayurveda, blood as a fundamental tissue (dhatu). See also dhatus.
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Tenders are invited for laying of 450mm dia np2 class pipe from rakta maisamma temple to 3-1-73/4, ramshankar nagar, w.
RAKTA, an association of expatriates from Thrissur district in Kerala, organised the procession to commemorate the UAE National Day and its first anniversary.
Jason Farhat, the managing director of Rakta said, "We will work hand in hand with RAK International Airport to provide state-of-the-art transportation services.
He had made Rakta Charitra, a bilingual film on the slain Andhra Pradesh politician Paritala Ravindra.
Apibendrinant galima sakyti, kad spelione, jog, norint optimizuoti organizacijos kokybes strategija, reiketu orientuotis i pagrindinius verslo sekmes veiksnius, galincius prevenciskai padeti imonei isvengti nuosmukio ir rasti kokybes strategijos rakta, N imones darbuotoju atzvilgiu pasitvirtino.
Following in the lines of the two- part Rakta Charitra , he too has decided to make his next film in parts.
The authority will start inter-emirates bus service connecting Ras Al Khaimah and other emirates where new, air-conditioned buses will be operational on certain lines in Ras Al Khaimah travelling later to other emirates," said Colonel Nasser Muradad, Chairman of RAKTA.
Polylingual Rabindranath Tagore's translation into English as Red Oleanders of his original Bengali drama, Rakta Karabi, may present the unique case of a writer's being able to translate his text into a target language and transliterate it into a radically dissimilar system of writing, in the process making conscious decisions concerning the representation of Bengali physical culture and spiritual vision that experience told him his British audience would have difficulty understanding and appreciating.
This is because of high silica content and hydrated pulp, however, it is manageable as demonstrated by Rakta Paper Mills in Egypt and in some other places in South East Asia.