raigan (rä·ē·gän),

n in Chinese medicine, dried form of the mushroom
Omphalia lapidescens, which is used to kill parasitic worms.
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Of Community Toilet At Raigan Kantapada Sahi In Ward No_12
His publications include Shakh-e-Tanha (poetry, 1974), Sarabon Ke Sadaf (poetry, 1981), Raigan (poetry,1996), Imkan (poetry, 2004), Yakja (poetry 2007), Dairyab (poetry, 2014), Taleef (essays), Atraaf (essays), Tareekh-e-Uloom Mein Tehzeeb-e-Islami Ka Muqam (Urdu translation from Arabic).
Booth then altered the last name of a fellow student, Raigan Mastain, to "Masturbate," just before the school yearbook was printed and distributed to students.
Kaitlyn Booth, 17, was arrested on May 14 after teachers at Hickman High School, in Columbia, noticed that she had changed Raigan Mastain's last name to "masturbate," on the day 700 copies of the book were being distributed, the New York Daily News reported.
Senior juvenile counselor Raigan Steele has worked with a sex-specific secure population for the past eight years.
Dr Abid Sial set the example and stole heart beats with his poem "Umer-e-kasara bakht ko unka hisab kon day, batain jo be samar rahin, lamhay jo raigan gaiay" and then there was a long list of poets whose poetry made the listener frenzied and there were uncontrolled streams of 'wah, wah' and 'mukarer, mukerer'.
Raigan Johnson has been promoted to branch supervisor of the Mt.
Suddenly at home, on December 18th, aged 70 years, Murray, a dear husband of Josie, a much loved dad of Anthony, David and Michael, a loving grandad of Lynsey, Gary, Ashleigh, Scott, Raigan and the late Jessica and Rebecca.
Clare Short with Carly Evans and her one-day-old baby Raigan, both from Oldbury, at the City Hospital
Tenders are invited for Completion Of Raigan Crc In Ward No_12