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n Latin name:
Senecio jacoboea; parts used: seeds, leaves, flowers; uses: menstrual complaints; topically applied to stings and skin ulcers; precautions: no internal use in pregnancy, lactation or for children, hepatotoxicity, liver conditions, toxic if ingested. Also called
cankerwort, cocashweed, coughweed, dog standard, false valerian, golden ragwort, golden senecio, liferoot, ragweed, St. James wort, staggerwort, stammerwort, stinking nanny, squaw weed, or


seneciojacobea, S. latifolius, S. tetrotsus.

tansy ragwort
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ALERT ON FATAL FLOWER: Riding school owner Sandy Sandon with Honey, a pony which Evening Telegraph readers raised money to save after she was afflicted by ragwort.
Dave Millard, RSPCA regional superintendent for Yorkshire and the North East, said: "There is no cure for ragwort poisoning and the only effective prevention is elimination of the plants before they claim lives.
There is a lot of misinformation about ragwort, often spread by commercial interests selling dubious cures and treatments.
And while she has reported culprits to the authorities, fields are often cleared before action can be taken - but not before ragwort seeds spread to neighbouring properties.
But despite a positive response from most landowners and farmers, ragwort continues to spread rapidly across Yorkshire, especially on verges and wasteland.
DAVID NICHOLSON's mention of ragwort in his column of March 6 has prompted me to write in support of his campaign against this dangerous plant.
Some 22 employees from the Aspley-based company, which makes turbos, cleared ragwort from the historic site.
SIR - I have never read such a dangerous and ridiculous letter as the one from Neil Jones of Swansea Friends of the Earth (May 23) about ragwort.
PEOPLE spotting the poisonous weed common ragwort are being urged to report their findings without delay.
FARMERS have reacted with fury in the belief they have been scapegoated for the spread of the poisonous ragwort weed.
Dear Editor, - I am incensed to see ragwort rampant on road sides and central reservations despite being classed as 'injurious' under the Weeds Act 1959.
Warwickshire County Council has allocated pounds 24,000 to tackle the noxious weed ragwort during Operation Ragwort, which will run from July 12 to 30.