A radioactive isotope of sulfur; for example, 35S.
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radioactive sulphur

Any of the radioactive isotopes of sulphur, of which 35S is used to tag nucleic acids and is preferable to 32P as it has a longer half-life (88 days), a lower energy and bands on gels more precise.
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2 had a lower demand for S[O.sub.4], and tended to utilize S[O.sub.4] less rapidly and retain a larger fraction of their radiosulfur as [sup.35]S[O.sub.4] throughout the study.
1, except that the leaf tissue did not demonstrate net export of radiosulfur until after the second harvest, and did not mobilize its [sup.35]S as efficiently as it had in the first experiment.
2 slowed their radiosulfur acquisition, taking up only a small amount of [sup.35]S after the fifth harvest.