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examination by means of the fluoroscope.


Obsolete term for fluoroscopy.
[radio- + G. skopeō, to view]


Examination of the inner structure of optically opaque objects by x-rays or other penetrating radiation; radiology.

ra′di·o·scop′ic (-ō-skŏp′ĭk), ra′di·o·scop′i·cal adj.
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Radioscopy detected some irregularities that need to be addressed, however the standard requirements were met.
Total quantity or scope: 1 piece fixed appliance and digital radiology radioscopy Estimated value excluding VAT: 1,113,333 RON
- The test piece is for radioscopy applications (2D) can be tilted.
Lot 1: CT Scanner for Radiation additive generative manufactured components- X-ray voltage: 225 kV, 280 W;- The PrE-fteilgrE[micro]E-e ranges up (diameter x height): 300 mm x 500 mm are;- The (motor) focus-detector distance should be varied from 280 mm to 1 200 mm;- The test piece is for radioscopy applications (2D) can be tilted;- The loading door is opened and closed by motor;- The base of the manipulator is made of granite.
Tenders are invited for Radiology Equipment - Digital Radioscopy and Radiography Equipment (2 Tubes Rx)
Procurement Procurement of Radiology - Digital Radioscopy and Radiography Equipment (2 Tubes Rx), Min.
Tenders are invited for Acquisition of Radiological Equipment for Radiography and Radioscopy Characteristics and Performance Indicators Required in the Specifications of This Documentation.
Lot 20: Service (monthly) Plant Rx radioscopy AXIOM Iconos MD 48000 lei / 24 months
Contract award: encapsulated radioscopy system with ct.