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examination by means of the fluoroscope.


Obsolete term for fluoroscopy.
[radio- + G. skopeō, to view]


Examination of the inner structure of optically opaque objects by x-rays or other penetrating radiation; radiology.

ra′di·o·scop′ic (-ō-skŏp′ĭk), ra′di·o·scop′i·cal adj.
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For getting proper quality assessment of the results obtained by the radioscopic measurement good knowledge of used materials and their chemical properties is required.
Investigation of selected product cast Alloy AlSi9Cu3 was done by radioscopic measurement in the foundry CIMOS in Roc with X-ray machine "YXLON 1200".
It is a PC based system for image enhancement and storage specifically designed for radioscopic inspection.
Before starting with radioscopic examination the position of shooting plan must be determined.
The positions, which are defined in the plan of shooting positions, are recorded using the radioscopic X-ray systems.
The subject of the public contract is: - building and securing a radioscopic shielding cabin / cell (existing rooms designed for the installation of radioscopic cells); - delivery of a portable x-ray unit with a universal control unit located outside the shading cabin, - a rudl transport tripod, - providing a scanner of memory foils, - delivery of software for standard work with radiograms, - high resolution memory film (2 pcs) - pc for digital radiography and led screen for radiograms, - installation and training of the operator, - radioscopic workplace certification.
To help foundries easily and quickly make decisions at inspection, a new X-Cube Compact radioscopic inspection system is now available from Yxlon, According to the firm, it is the result of combining best practice mechanical concepts and software with new, innovative ideas (two patents pending).
The contract has as its object services relating tosecurity controls, procedures conducted underAirport of the Straits of Reggio Calabria, as provided for by Ministerial Decree 85/99, by way of example as listed below - Screening of passengers departing andtransit;- Control radioscopic or with other types ofequipment in your hand luggage;- Control radioscopic or with other types ofequipment of hold baggage, cargo and parcels of courier services;Any further security checks required ofArticle.
Present American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) image quality indicators, contrast sensitivity gauges and radioscopic system practices are used to qualify systems.
The manufactured standards have been related to the size, distributions, and discontinuity classifications of the ASTM E155 and E505 film radiography standards and are intended as image quality indicators for online periodic qualification of radioscopic inspection systems and acceptance of products.
Reproducible manufactured Representative Quality Indicators (RQI) are necessary for verifying radioscopic system performance and obtaining system-produced radioscopic images of standards for grading discontinuities.
An example of a radioscopic image is provided in Fig.