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Protection against the harmful effects of radiation.

ra′di·o·pro·tec′tive adj.
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(26,27) For the first time, the present study showed that piperine exhibited a radioprotective effect in vitro on normal cells that was more potent than the effect of CUR.
In the present study, the radioprotective effect of curcumin, seleno-L-methionine alone, and the combined form was evaluated against radiation induced micronuclei formation in rat bone marrow erythrocytes.
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The radioprotective effect of nanoceria has been demonstrated in the head and neck cancer therapy [60].
It is used as adjunct to cancer therapy due to its oncostatic, chemoprotective and radioprotective properties8.
Therefore, we hypothesized that ginger oleoresin may be a potent radioprotective agent in hMSCs cells via Nrf2 protective response.
Triphala has notable health benefits as an effective antioxidant, chemopreventive, radioprotective, antidiabetic, and hypolipidemic agent both in vitro and in vivo [11, 12].
Since the decoction under current investigation has previously been reported to mediate anticancer effect against certain malignancies, the observed radioprotective potential has a definite clinical advantage during its use among cancer patients.
Therefore, the present study was carried out to investigate the radioprotective activity of Silymarin against radiation-induced liver damage.
Radioprotective effects of black Seed (Nigella sativa) oil against hemopoietic damage and immunosuppression in gamma-irradiated rats.