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Protection against the harmful effects of radiation.

ra′di·o·pro·tec′tive adj.
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The results of the present study indicated that the combination of seleno-L-methionine and curcumin probably further enhances radioprotection, thus results in a higher bone marrow protection.
Radioprotection by [alpha]-Lipoic Acid Mineral Complex formulation, (POLY-MVA) in mice.
Dmitry Grodzinsky (Head of Ukranian State Radioprotection Committee) and Prof.
This confirms the importance of this routine monitoring--to ensure that workers are carrying out their responsibilities safely and that the staff adopt and comply with radioprotection procedures--and allows the projection of measurements for a year in the future, to see if they surpass the annual limits of 1 mSv of effective dose.
The ASN inspectors were accompanied by two technical specialists from the French Institute of Radioprotection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN); representatives from the ITER Organization, the Russian Domestic Agency and the Efremov Institute were also present.
Also resveratrol inhibits IL-1[beta] expression induced by radiation via the activation of Sirt1; this mechanism participates in radioprotection [42].
Co-operation with the PINSTECH in the area of radioprotection is being organized as several high-level Pakistani officials have visited CERN, including the former President Musharraf in January 2006.
An allocation of 118 million is provided for nuclear fission research projects, including radioprotection. The research work of the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC) and its work on nuclear safety will be financed in the amount of 233 million.
Radiosensitization, Radioprotection, and the Repair Response