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The effort to develop radioprotectant agents has been initiated decades ago in order to protect human cells from radiation damage whereby synthetic and natural compounds have been studied (Ahmad et al.
Mehrali, "Lycopene as a carotenoid provides radioprotectant and antioxidant effects by quenching radiation-induced free radical singlet oxygen: an overview," Cell Journal, vol.
Yesterday it was revealed that the National Cancer Institute has awarded a grant to Minneapolis-based Humanetics to assess their proprietary radioprotectant compound, BIO 300, as a potential treatment for erectile dysfunction following prostate cancer radiotherapy.
Calcitrol, the active form of vitamin D3, is a terrific radioprotectant, even against low-level background radiation.
soy milk, soybean concentrate, and soy protein isolates), making it a highly accessible radioprotectant.
Prophylaxis of kanamycin-induced ototoxicity by a radioprotectant.
is a patented technology based on gamma irradiation and a radioprotectant that is designed to inactivate pathogens, including microorganisms while maintaining tissue integrity.
Cancellous bone dowels, provided by AlloSource, were randomly divided into a non-irradiated control group (n=24), a 50kGy optimized irradiation group pre-treated with a radioprotectant solution (n=24), as well as a third group irradiated by AlloSource (n=10) to a targeted dose of 18kGy using their standard practices.
AFRRI has screened thousands of compounds in an effort to find a radioprotectant suitable for widespread use.
The sulphydryl compound amifostine, which is the only radioprotectant approved to be used in humans by FDA, has shown effective radioprotective ability [2].
In addition, Hollis-Eden recently entered into a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the United States Department of Defense to develop HE2100 as a radioprotectant (a drug that may potentially be used to protect a person from radiation injury due to a nuclear accident or event).