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A long-abandoned field of medical care, which was based on the scientifically naive assertion that because electrons are the basic biological unit, all diseases represent a disequilibrium in electronic harmony

radionics (rā·dē·ˑ·niks),

n healing system that uses symbolic and energetic correspondences to diagnose and deliver treatment.
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Yet his followers took up the baton (or black box) and then developed Radionics further.
But by 1976 the calculator market had been swamped and Sinclair Radionics had slipped pounds 300,000 in the red.
Additional past experience included serving as Senior Vice President of Interventional Oncology for Microsulis Medical (collaborating with AngioDynamics), Director of Operations - Tumor Ablation at Radionics (now Covidien), and Director of Clinical Marketing for RITA Medical Systems (now a part of AngioDynamics, Inc.
ATAKR compatible connector, STOKER, Radionics January 80 pcs
From January 1996 to July 2000, he served as Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Operations at Radionics, Inc.
Pontecelli PRC China Shipbuilding Trading Company Progress Energy Canada Ltd PTTEP PureTech Systems Qatar Petroleum QinetiQ Quadrant Security Group Quantum Secure Queensland Gas Company Ltd Radionics, Inc.
Look for this exciting technology from Radionics, Burlington, Massachusetts.
These include Director of Clinical Marketing for RITA Medical Systems (now a part of AngioDynamics, Inc), developing and launching the first FDA cleared radiofrequency ablation system, and Director of Operations - Tumour Ablation at Radionics (now a part of Covidien plc) where he coordinated worldwide sales, marketing, manufacturing, regulatory and engineering operations for radiofrequency ablation products.
Radionics Box has announced the launch of the RAD 2400HD orgonite energized orgone radionics machine and workstation.
Def-Logix Denim Group Detection Systems and Radionics, Inc.
The Radionics D6600 Communications Receiver/Gateway is a computer for alarm processing and account supervision.
1 type Radionics BRW stereotactic head frame base by intubation arc, carbon fiber post and screws;