radiographic film

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ra·di·o·graph·ic film

(rā'dē-ō-graf'ik film)
Thin, transparent sheet of cellulose acetate coated with radiation-sensitive emulsions of silver bromide, silver halide, and silver iodide crystals that are suspended in a gelatinous component; sealed in a moisture-resistant, light-proof protective packet when used for intraoral dental radiographs.
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Kappa statistics were used to evaluate the agreement between the observers for the identification of the interalveolar foramina on the diagnostic radiographic films, and on the films with the radiopaque shadowing of the wire.
The table summarizes radiography infection control protocols outlined in the literature for utilizing barriers or surface disinfection and for handling radiographic film during exposure and processing.
Limited Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Radiographic Film Viewer
However, an accessory device not previously addressed is radiographic film markers.
As digital technologies including computed radiography advance, they approach the resolution advantage held by general radiographic film.
The manual allows for procedural evaluation and competency evaluation in the following areas: facility preparation, patient preparation, patient positioning, important details, radiographic film quality and anatomy.
Competition over the limits, with open procedure for the supply radiographic film CPV 32354100-0, for a period of one year, to meet the needs of public structures providing primary health care services, competence first Region Sanitary Attica, with the award criterion the most economically advantageous economically advantageous tender, exclusively, only by price (lowest price), the estimated value of EUR 320.
The Polaroid imaging system had 2 major disadvantages: It cost more than conventional radiographic film and it produced a positive image.