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Any element possessing radioactivity.

radioactive element

(1) A nonspecific term for any element that emits alpha or beta particles or gamma radiation. 
(2) Radionuclide, see there.


(rā″dē-ō-ĕl′ĕ-mĕnt) [″ + elementum, a rudiment]
Any of the radioactive elements.
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Although changes in the radioelement ratios are slight, they can be detected constant in regional gamma ray data at numerous data points and along closest flight lines.
Guidelines for radioelement mapping using gamma ray spectrometry data, Vienna.
5d) respectively, even though some high trace of these radioelements can be marked within the formation.
The structures interpreted through gamma ray spectrometry are shallower than those interpreted from the magnetic data and are coupled with contrasting values of the measured radioelements, which may represent areas of structural weakness.
Various combinations of the gammaray data channels can be classified using an unsupervised classification algorithm to produce a thematic map of radioelement domains (classes) that show a distinct statistical separation (Fig.
Ratio maps, including ternary K-U-Th colour presentations, are useful but, in the absence of corresponding radioelement concentration maps, are ambiguous.
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As the principal medium for radioelement transport is water, hydrogeological studies are of prime interest to the full characterization of the disposal site of HWL.
In addition, the effect of "ordered water layers" will contribute to make difficult the access of water and transported radioelements to the mineral walls of the void space.
Among them, the capacity for water and radioelements to flow into the rock matrix from hydraulically active fractures, and the corresponding water pathways, is one of the main aspects to be considered.