radiochemical purity

ra·di·o·chem·i·cal pur·i·ty

the proportion of the total activity of a specific radionuclide in a specific chemical or biologic form.
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For the quality control, parameters such as color, appearance, pH, sterility, bacterial endotoxins, and radiochemical purity (reversed-phase HPLC) were evaluated in accordance with the Mexican Pharmacopoeia [11].
Determination of the [sup.188]Re-Radioimmunoconjugates Radiochemical Purity
Radiochemical purity of the compound was analyzed by ascending chromatographic techniques and HPLC analysis.
However, the latter one was reevaluated by another research group (13) and the radiochemical purity value was higher than when using the standard procedure ([Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] Baker-Flex strip/ethanol), giving a false-positive purity value.
Radiochemical purity tests were conducted for all the products showing more than 97% "in vitro" stability in all cases after 4 hours.
Annexin V-123, which has an N-terminal extension of six histidine residues, could be superior to annexin V-122, which has three histidine residues, because [sup.99m]Tc-labeled annexin V-123 had higher radiochemical yield and radiochemical purity and experimentally demonstrated bioactivity in binding to erythrocytes.
[sup.125]I-Sodium iodine, with the radiochemical purity >99.9%, was purchased from NEN Life Science Products, Amersham Inc.
Rhenium-188 having very high radionuclidic and radiochemical purity (>99%) can be eluted from the alumina based generator with high elution efficiency (>80%).
Both showed higher radiochemical purity than [sup.99m]Tc-HMPAO, but only [sup.99m]Tc-d,l-CBPAO provided a comparable binding to WBC.
The radiochemical purity of the complex was 99.6% when 1.0 mg ciprofloxacin in the presence of 100.0 g SnCl2, 2.0 mg gentistic acid, 3.0 mg penicillamine and 20.0 mg d-mannitol was labeled by 10-20 mCi sodium pertechnetate.