radioactive tracer

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1. a means or agent by which certain substances or structures can be identified or followed, as a radioactive tracer.
2. a mechanical device by which the outline of an object or the direction and extent of movement of a part may be graphically recorded; see also tracing.
3. a dissecting instrument for isolating vessels and nerves.
radioactive tracer a radioactive isotope replacing a stable chemical element in a compound (said to be radiolabeled) and so able to be followed or tracked through one or more reactions or systems by means of a radiation detector; used especially for such a compound that is introduced into the body for study of the compound's metabolism, distribution, and passage through the body.
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Dantas, "Transit time and RTD measurements by radioactive tracer to assess the riser flow pattern," Powder Technology, vol.
Mutated cancer cells accumulate more of the radioactive tracers because they are growing faster than healthy tissue and need more sugar for growth.
For this purpose, in this study, taking advantage of HPLC and radioactive tracer assay, we examined the pharmacokinetic, tissue distribution and excretion of GS-Rd in rodents.
A patient undergoing MPS is given a radioactive tracer injection into the arm and returns the following day where the amount of tracer reaching the heart is imaged at the Trust's specialist unit at Huddersfield Royal Infir mar y.
Trent Falling, a general surgeon, ordered a hepatobilliary scan, whereby a small amount of radioactive tracer was injected into Kevin's bloodstream to identify whether ot not bile was successfully moving through the system into the small intestine.
One way of assessing blood flow is by using positron emission tomography (PET), which uses radioactive tracer molecules to track blood flow.
Fluid containing an X-ray dye or radioactive tracer is then injected through the tube until the bladder is full, and then the child is asked to urinate.
Whitlow said he had little experience with using it until Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, disrupting medical supplies and preventing his clinic from obtaining radioactive tracer for nuclear medicine studies.
In the preliminary study, researchers used an experimental radioactive tracer called iodofiltic acid I 123 (trade name Zemiva) to detect this use of glucose.

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