radioactive cow

ra·di·o·ac·tive cow

(rā'dē-ō-ak'tiv kow),
Colloquialism for radionuclide generator.
See also: cow.
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If SUPERHERO'S NEMESIS you get bitten by a radioactive cow, what's going to be your superpower?
This powerful debut collection delivers, among other equally poignant tales, a cross-cultural, somewhat touchy, and probably doomed relationship in post-communist Croatia; "cowboys" on a mission to eliminate radioactive cows wandering the outskirts of Fukushima; a young boy who holds the secret of how he lured a predator to his death; a young Jewish girl in a concentration camp who experiences moments of beauty and light when she serves as a model for the camp commander's painting; and a writer whose identity breakdown leads to his wandering in a no-man's-land where he can no longer tell his own life from that of his character.

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