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Measurement of minute distances or movements by interaction of waves of electromagnetic energy.
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The real advantage for radioastronomy, says Burns, is to use a radiotelescope on the moon in an interferometric array with one or more on earth, an arrangement he calls a Moon-Earth Radio Interferometer (MERI).
In the late 1970s a powerful radio interferometer called the Very Large Array (VLA) was funded by the United States' National Science Foundation and built by its National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO).
A radio interferometer has similar limitations, except the aperture size, D, is replaced by the length of the baseline, B, between two separate radio telescopes.
The stifling heat of summer has given way to the gentle languor of twilight, and silently the antennas of Narrabri's radio interferometer shift to a new target.
"By comparing the data from radio interferometers and optical telescopes, we can obtain information about hot jets and the accretion disks surrounding black holes at the center of galaxies in the visible part of the spectrum," Yuri Kovalev of MIPT, who co-authored a recent paper on the findings, said in a statement Tuesday. "We have now gained a better understanding of what their structure is and what processes occur inside them."