radiation physics

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ra·di·a·tion phys·ics

the scientific discipline of the application of physics to the use of ionizing radiation in therapy and in diagnostic radiology; including, by extension, nuclear medicine applications, ultrasound, and magnetic resonance imaging.
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Bob Ott, Professor of Radiation Physics at the Institute of Cancer Research, who led the project, said: "This is a significant breakthrough which could have major implications for the way in which the medical profession is able to detect and treat cancer and other diseases.
Chuaqui-Offermanns, Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 34, 1005-07 (1989).
Clough, "Color Center Annealing in [Gamma]-Irradiated Polystyrene, Under Vacuum and Air Atmospheres," Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 41, No.
With over 500 live formulas and more than 400 graphic images, the Electronic Giecks' provides instant problem solving for: * electrical engineering * areas * dynamics * machine parts * strength * solid bodies * radiation physics * statics * hydraulics * kinematics * heat * production engineering
Expanded chapter on nuclear and cosmic radiation physics covers all the essentials on radiation physics needed to help the reader select the proper detector for the analysis of nuclear radiation.
Tenders are invited for hey/17/326/sm - software support of the radiation physics computer system for dosimetry check
They describe basic concepts in quality, value, and safety, including systems engineering and process control, error prevention and risk management, and quality, value, and assessment of new technology; quality in radiation physics in relation to equipment, software, and external beam radiotherapy, brachytherapy, proton and particle therapy, and photon and proton therapy, as well as verification of treatment and special procedures and equipment; and quality in the clinical practice setting, including culture, clinical testing, quality and safety training, metrics, patient perspectives, medical error disclosure, clinical trials, the role of the dosimetrist and therapist, electronic medical records, and third-party payers.
Indeed, all imaging studies that utilize ionizing radiation (such as computed tomography) should be performed while keeping in mind those memorable and historically lengthy radiation physics classes we all endured during our radiology residency programs.
Results of the research have been published in Radiation Physics and Chemistry, vol.
The items in the bag were examined by Switzerland's Institute for Radiation Physics, which found elevated traces of polonium.
The report said that last year, the Swiss scientists at Switzerland's Institute of Radiation Physics had found traces of polonium-210, a deadly radioactive isotope, on some of Arafat's belongings and soil and bone samples were subsequently taken from the leader's grave in the West Bank.

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