radiation biology

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scientific study of living organisms. adj., adj biolog´ic, biolog´ical.
molecular biology study of molecular structures and events underlying biological processes, including relation between genes and the functional characteristics they determine.
radiation biology scientific study of the effects of ionizing radiation on living organisms.
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ra·di·a·tion bi·ol·o·gy

field of science that studies the biologic effects of ionizing radiation.
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ra·di·a·tion bi·ol·o·gy

(rā'dē-ā'shŭn bī-ol'ŏ-jē)
Science that studies the biologic effects of ionizing radiation.
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The Laboratory of Radiation Biology of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research invited scientists and other members of the computer molecular simulation community to Dubna, near Moscow, in September 2008 to share insights, mainly regarding the simulation of molecular dynamics in chemical physics and biophysical systems.
This collaboration, which continued until Lorenz's death in 1954, contributed scientific insights and technical advances that were fundamental to radiation biology; it also set in train the radiobiological research from within which the blood stem cell was to emerge.
''Plutonium passes through the human body when people are exposed to it from the outside,'' said Nanao Kamada, professor emeritus of radiation biology at Hiroshima University.
Radiologists are probably not as familiar with current concepts of radiation biology, dose modulation techniques and optimizing dose requirements as they need to be.
"So far, epidemiologic data for cancer argue for an overall positive role of sun-induced vitamin D," wrote the researchers, who were led by Johan Moan, Ph.D., of the department of radiation biology at the Institute for Cancer Research, Oslo, "There may be more beneficial than adverse effects of moderately increased sun exposure, even for total cancer mortality.
Another option that sounded interesting was radiation biology, so I decided to give that a shot.
"This underlined the need to benefit from this source of energy to produce electricity and make clean water available," he added.During the four-day conference, a number of working papers on peaceful atomic energy applications like nuclear centrifuges, radiation biology and nuclear technology applications in various fields will be discussed.Atomic energy conference in Amman