radiant flux

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flux, radiant

Power emitted in the form of radiation. It is measured in watts or ergs per second.
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Schindler, "Importance of 3-D radiant flux densities for outdoor human thermal comfort on clear-sky summer days in Freiburg, Southwest Germany," Meteorologische Zeitschrift, vol.
where [P.sub.t] and [P.sub.i] refer to the radiant flux of transmitted and incident light, respectively.
Even under a best-case scenario, where instantaneous satellite-derived irradiances are found to agree with aircraft measurements, the corresponding uncertainty for hourly 1[degrees] x [degrees] gridded radiant fluxes is not clear.
The NUVA66 series comes in wavelengths from 365nm ~ 405nm, radiant flux of 640mW ~ 800mW at 500mA, ideal for UV curing, photo catalyst and sensor light applications.
This flux is the arithmetic sum of short-wave radiant flux, net long-wave radiant flux, sensible heat flux, vaporization latent heat flux, and advective heat flux.
in terms of spectral radiant flux [[PHI].sub.e,[lambda]] (measured in watts per nanometer), where [K.sub.m] = 683 lumens per watt for photopic vision.
Thus, the formed chemical composition of the cellular structures depends on the spectral characteristics of radiant flux in the output of the cellular prototype.
When, however, all ponderable matter is constituted as a sum of charged particles, and the force of gravity as shown is an electromagnetic phenomenon by energy exchange in the aether space between any pair of masses via a radiant flux O [erg/sec], which is proportional to the product of the two masses, we generally have with some local value of [rho] the Newtonian force between [M.sub.1] and [M.sub.2]:
It is well known that polymer photodegradation can be accelerated by increasing the radiant flux to which the material is exposed.
The quantity y([[lambda].sub.m],[[lambda].sub.x]) relates the absorbed radiant flux at wavelength [[lambda].sub.x] to the fluorescent radiant flux at wavelength [[lambda].sub.m].
(NASDAQ:CREE), has introduced two new, higher brightness additions to the XThin product family, the XT-24 and XT-27 LEDs with respective minimum radiant flux of 24mW and 27mW.
Owing to the thin film section, even though of a high absorptivity, there will be less of the total incident energy absorbed in the film, leaving a higher radiant flux at the film-substrate boundary.