radiant energy

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ra·di·ant en·er·gy (Q),

energy contained in light rays or any other form of radiation.
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ra·di·ant en·er·gy

(rādē-ănt enĕr-jē)
That contained in light rays or any other form of radiation.
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radiant energy

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Cellular repair mechanisms are likely to be more effective over long-term exposure, but less effective in short-term bursts of high radiant energy.
The result is at variance with other reports in the literature [8], that prescribes that the temperature in a salt gradient solar pond (SGSP) increases downward from top where we have the incidence of radiant energy to the bottom.
(FILES) This file photo taken on October 06, 2014 shows heat radiating from the Pacific Ocean as imaged by the NASA?s Clouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy System instrument on the Terra satellite.
The sand's radiant energy reflectiveness was also measured before and after a thermal cycle, as it may be possible to use the desert sand not only as a TES material but also as a direct solar absorber under concentrated solar flux.
NASA's Clouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy System (CERES) instruments, which have been placed on a few satellites are responsible for uncovering the data and measurements from which the Arctic climactic conditions can be analysed.
Haji Babayee said x-ray was a part of electromagnetic radiation and one of the energy demonstrations considered as a radiant energy.
Can we develop novel later-stage systems that are highly efficient at capturing radiant energy and using nutrients to provide enhanced yields and environmental performance?
Infosys has combined the radiant energy savings with better building envelopes and lighting to produce buildings that use 60% to 70% less energy than the generation of buildings from just five years ago.