radiant energy

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ra·di·ant en·er·gy (Q),

energy contained in light rays or any other form of radiation.

radiant energy

Etymology: L, radiare, to emit rays; Gk, energeia
energy emitted as electromagnetic radiation, such as radio waves, infrared radiation, visible light, ultraviolet light, x-rays, and gamma rays.

ra·di·ant en·er·gy

(rādē-ănt enĕr-jē)
That contained in light rays or any other form of radiation.

radiant energy

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Physical quantity: Light is radiant energy in the wavelength region of 380 - 780 nm.
Our formula for stellar energy (6) satisfies this condition, because the energy output is regulated by the radiant energy density B.
Spectral Distribution is the relative radiant energy as a function of wavelength or wavelength range.
Photovoltaic cells convert radiant energy from the sun into electricity.
Every time you bite into a hamburger, for instance, you are taking in chemical energy that a cow got by eating plant - which get their energy by storing the Sun's radiant energy in the chemical bonds of the sugars they make.
The Stanford invention is a multi-layered coating that deals with both visible light and invisible radiant energy.
3]s radiant energy system instrument at present flying on the Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership satellite.
In addition, they argue that since the physical models show that the radiant energy reaching the ground from the reentering ejecta would be sufficient to ignite tinder, it would thereby spark widespread fires.
Aircarft de-icing systems maker Radiant Energy Corp.
In addressing theses issues, he presents two forms of a phenomenological model of solar cell response under indoor radiant energy conditions, validates the models with experimental results, presents a model of the service efficiency of ambient energy systems with respect to charge storage capacity, characterizes the radiant energy collected by indoor solar cells, and presents a range of design guidelines and heuristics that complement existing product design methodologies for ambient energy systems.
The strong nuclear force is found to be a strong gravitational force at extreme energy densities of the neutron, indicating a Grand Unified Theory, when gravity is a process of enduring exchange of radiant energy between all astrophysical objects.