radial artery

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1. radiating; spreading outward from a common center.
2. pertaining to a radius.
3. pertaining to the radial (lateral) aspect of the arm as opposed to the ulnar (medial) aspect.
radial artery an artery in the forearm, wrist, and hand; the one usually used for taking the pulse.

ra·di·al ar·ter·y

origin, as terminal branch (with ulnar artery) of the brachial; branches, radial recurrent, dorsal and palmar carpal and metacarpal, dorsal digital, princeps pollicis, radialis indicis, palmar and muscular, and perforating; usually terminates as deep palmar arch.
Synonym(s): arteria radialis [TA]

radial artery

Etymology: L, radius, ray
an artery in the forearm, starting at the bifurcation of the brachial artery and passing in 12 branches to the forearm, wrist, and hand. In the forearm it extends from the neck of the radius to the forepart of the styloid process; in the wrist, from the styloid process to the carpus; in the hand, from the carpus, across the palm, to the little finger. In the forearm the branches of the radial artery are the radial recurrent, muscular, palmar carpal, and superficial palmar; in the wrist the branches are the dorsal carpal and the first dorsal metacarpal. In the hand the branches are the princeps pollicis, radialis indicis, deep palmar arch, palmar metacarpal, perforating, and recurrent.

ra·di·al ar·te·ry

(rā'dē-ăl ahr'tĕr-ē) [TA]
Origin, brachial; branches, radial recurrent, dorsal metacarpal, dorsal digital, princeps pollicis, radial index, palmar metacarpal, and muscular, carpal, and perforating.
Synonym(s): arteria radialis [TA] .
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Recurrent cystic adventitial disease of the radial artery.
The cost of materials to close up a femoral artery is also higher than what's used for radial artery access.
One of the biggest concerns about performing cardiac catheterization through the radial artery is obtaining access.
Radial artery use in bypass grafting does not change digital blood flow or hand function.
An appropriate-sized blood pressure cuff was wrapped around the upper left arm, and a rigid plastic wrist stabilizer was placed on the right wrist to minimize movement of the radial artery during the measurement.
If radial artery tonometry proves valuable, the simple test could easily be incorporated into routine check-ups, he noted.
We measured radial artery waveforms using a calibrated proprietary tonometer.
I have always encouraged students to find their heart rate by taking their pulse at the carotid artery in the neck or the radial artery at the wrist.
Place the two middle fingers just below your wrist, and feel over the radial artery until you feel a beat.
Cooper says that the easiest way to check your pulse is to place your two middle fingers around your hand just below your wrist, over the radial artery.
He says an easy way to check your pulse is to reach under and support one wrist (palm up) with theother hand, and use the two middle fingers of the supporting hand to search for the radial artery until you find a beat.
Performing cardiac catheterizations through the radial artery is proven to make exams safer for patients while frequently reducing post-procedure hospital stay times.