quotidian fever

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1. recurring every day.
2. a form of intermittent malarial fever with daily recurrent paroxysms.
quotidian fever a fever that recurs every day, such as with a type of malaria.
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quo·tid·i·an ma·lar·i·a

malaria in which the paroxysms occur daily; usually a double tertian malaria, in which there is an infection by two distinct groups of Plasmodium vivax parasites sporulating alternately every 48 hours, but also may be an infection by the pernicious form of malarial parasite, P. falciparum, combined with P. vivax, or infection by two distinct P. falciparum generations, which mature on different days; also may develop from infection with P. knowlesi.
Synonym(s): quotidian fever
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quotidian fever

(1) Quotidian malaria, see there.   
(2) A rarely used, nonspecific term for any fever with daily febrile paroxysms.
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quotidian fever

A fever occurring every day. This may occur in a patient suffering from a mixed malarial infection with overlapping effects.
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