A class of alkaloids that are derived biosynthetically from anthranilic acid.
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The introduction of alkoxy in 4-substituted quinazolines enhanced both enzyme inhibitions significantly, especially the introduction of methoxy side chains in the interposition(Compare 5c).
The majority of [alpha]-adrenoreceptor antagonists displays a competitive mechanism of action and belongs to a variety of different structural classes such as yohimbanes, ergot alkaloids, quinazolines, N-arylpiperazines, imidazolines, phenylalkylamines, benzodioxanes, indoles, 1,4-dihydropyridines, hetero-fused 3-benzazepines and dibenzoquinolizines [17-19].
Oxazines [14] and quinazolines [15] are natural products which exhibit a widespread spectrum of biological activity including antitumor [16-18], anti-inflammatory [19], and antiplatelet [20] properties.
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Quinazolines and quinazolinones are classes of fused heterocycles that are of considerable interest because of the diverse range of their biological properties [1].
Among nitrogen-containing heterocyclic molecules, substituted quinazolinones and quinazolines are considered as important therapeutic scaffolds [4].
Indazole derivatives are reported to exhibit antibacterial [1,2], antifungal [1.2], antiproliferative [3], antigiogenic [3], antiarrhythmic and analgesic [4] activities and antihypertensive properties [5], while quinazolines exhibit antitumor [6], antimicrobial [7] antitubercular [8], antiagonists [9], anticonvulsant [10] and analgesic[11] activities.
Chemically the members of the genus Sida contain [beta]-phenethylamines ([beta]-phenethylamine, ephedrine and [phi] ephedrine), quinazolines (vasicine, vasicinol and vasicinone) and carboxylated tryptamines in addition to choline and betaine [3].
The book contains six chapters covering synthesis, reactions and applications in the following subject areas: pyridazines, cinnolines, benzocinnolines and phthalazines; pyrimidines and quinazolines; pyrazines and related ring structures; phenzine, oxazine, thiazine and sulphur dyes; quinazoline alkaloids; six-membered rings with three or more hetero-atoms.
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