A class of alkaloids that are derived biosynthetically from anthranilic acid.
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Mahajan, Quinazolines Revisited: Search for Novel Anxiolytic and GABAergic Agents, Bioorg.
2], antiproliferative [3], antigiogenic [3], antiarrhythmic and analgesic [4] activities and antihypertensive properties [5], while quinazolines exhibit antitumor [6], antimicrobial [7] antitubercular [8], antiagonists [9], anticonvulsant [10] and analgesic[11] activities.
Refluxing of compound 1 and thiourea in absolute ethanol with a catalytic amount of potassium hydroxide furnished quinazoline thione derivative 9 in a good yield.
Chemically the members of the genus Sida contain [beta]-phenethylamines ([beta]-phenethylamine, ephedrine and [phi] ephedrine), quinazolines (vasicine, vasicinol and vasicinone) and carboxylated tryptamines in addition to choline and betaine [3].
The book contains six chapters covering synthesis, reactions and applications in the following subject areas: pyridazines, cinnolines, benzocinnolines and phthalazines; pyrimidines and quinazolines; pyrazines and related ring structures; phenzine, oxazine, thiazine and sulphur dyes; quinazoline alkaloids; six-membered rings with three or more hetero-atoms.
Previously, researchers at deCODE chemistry & biostructures, with funding from Families of SMA, had developed a class of compounds called C-5 substituted quinazolines, which increased expression of SMN protein, potentially giving clinical investigators a new class of compounds to utilize for the treatment of SMA.
4:15 QUINAZOLINES ARE COMPOUNDS WHICH HAVE A WIDE RANGE OF PHARMACOLOGICAL ACTIVITY **, Kamilah Rashid and Angelica Trumer, Spelman College, Atlanta, GA 30314.
The presentation described the strategic compound design and research underlying the development of proprietary drug compounds belonging to a class of chemical structures called quinazolines.
We now wish to report herein a short MW assisted synthesis of hexahydroquinazolin-5(6H)-ones and bis-hexahydroquinazolin-5(6H)-ones bearing methyl group in position 1 of quinazoline ring.
Cinnoline, quinoxaline, and pthalazine (Figure-1) are the structural isomers of quinazoline.