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(kwī'nāt, kwin'āt),
A salt or ester of quinic acid.


A brand name for QUININE.
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There are only two genes of hydroxy cinnamoyl-CoA quinate hydroxycinnamoyl transferase (HQT) and allene oxide synthase LjAOS were reported to correlated with the biosynthesis of chlorogenic acid during the floral organ development of L.
The possible role of quinate in the mode of action of glyphosate and acetolactate synthase inhibitors.
Among cinnamic acid derivatives (Table 2, [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 3 OMITTED]), concentrations of 5-caffeoylquinic and 5-coumaroylquinic acids were significantly higher in fertilized saplings, whereas the opposite was true for corresponding quinates substituted at 3-position (3-caffeoylquinic and 3-coumaroylquinic acids).