quiet zone

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'quiet zone'

Lung pathology The terminal airways contribute little to the total airflow resistance–most resistance is contributed by bronchioles > 2 mm in diameter, thus although a disease process may begin in small airways, it may be clinically silent–ie, a 'quiet zone' until it affects the larger airways
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In classic Eugene fashion, a few outspoken activists - largely from the Whiteaker neighborhood - oppose a quiet zone, ostensibly out of concern that an increase in their neighborhood's livability will be followed by rent increases and gentrification.
While maintaining all other quiet zone performance parameters, the feed provides uniform low cross-polarisation levels, typically 40dB cross-polar discrimination.
Trying to deploy advanced services to those areas surrounding the Quiet Zone can be challenging, said David Hunt, operations manager-Eastern Region with Mid-State Consultants (Nephi, Utah), who is working on the buildout project with SKSRT.
The field distributions [F] in the aperture plane of the test antenna in the quiet zone can be obtained by calculation or test.
Tobia voted against the change in part because he was not comfortable with expanding the quiet zone regulation to include a smoking ban.
Nurses have said they feel much safer in their medication preparation process in the medication quiet zone, and patients receive their medications more quickly:' The program will soon be rolled out hospital-wide.
Work on expanding the facility will be completed by the summer, providing more seating and a quiet zone with internet access points.
Federal law requires trains to sound their horns on approach to and when traveling across public highway rail crossings, unless the crossing is located in a quiet zone and approved safety measures are in place.
Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) recently announced the launch of the fourth annual Idle-Free Quiet Zone Campaign to educate Canadians about techniques that help reduce unnecessary idling in commercial vehicles.
School bosses have applied for permission for their nursery to have its own quiet zone.
The quiet zone is the area surrounding the perimeter of the symbol that must be kept free of text, marks, or objects.